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TAXES.CA Business is FOR SALE!

TAXES.CA seeks a buyer or partner(s) in the Canadian tax industry to implement a new Canadian tax and accounting enterprise leveraging the TAXES.CA and IMPOTS.CA brands. The site has a 15-year history of attracting large numbers of users through organic growth. The site has surpassed 1 million user sessions this year and more than 10 million hits. With little advertising the site has managed to attract more than 4 million user sessions and 40 million hits in the last five years (2013-2017) and more than 70 million hits in the past decade.

If you are interested in buying the business, discussing sale or partnering opportunities, contact us at

TAXES.CA seeks to become a leader in Canadian tax, accounting, and financial industries through a progressive growth strategy that will provide tax-related information, products, services, and online communities, leveraged via a national network of franchised-based service providers. TAXES.CA (and its French-language equivalent IMPOTS.CA) seeks to build a centralized online marketplace for the promotion and sale of tax-related products and services to become one of Canada’s leading providers of tax, accounting, and advisory services. The target market is a combination of small & medium-sized enterprises and individual tax filers.

Recognizing that your firm may already be a leader in the tax services industry, TAXES.CA brings a Canadian Internet property and brand that can either (i) act as a new primary brand for your services; (ii) provide a secondary brand (premium or discount) for your products and services; or (ii) provide an opportunity for rebranding, digital marking campaigns, (iv) be the portal for your cloud-based online services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), or other opportunities in the Canadian market.

TAXES.CA can significantly boost brand recognition, user traffic, sales of tax-related products and services, and has a huge potential for cross-marketing campaigns. Location-based tax services franchises based on subdomains of the TAXES.CA top-level domain (such as,, etc.) coupled with the easy-to-remember Internet address make TAXES.CA a valuable asset in the hands of experts like you in the accounting, tax, and financial services industries.

While your vision for the use of TAXES.CA may differ, the current TAXES.CA vision is for a network of location-based franchises across Canada leveraging online cloud-based infrastructure and services, even potential offering partners and franchisees Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.

TAXES.CA intends to accomplish its vision through implementation of a common technology platform and common business operating processes, open to all franchisees and partners to market and sell their products and services. Franchisees will be provided location-based franchises (e.g. TAXES.CA location-based subdomains such as,,, etc.) in order to develop a national network of geographic-based TAXES.CA franchises. See a list of some of the potential TAXES.CA regional franchises and subdomains.

Fee-based promotional and cross-promotional campaigns with TAXES.CA franchises, partners, government, and industry can be based off these location-based domains in addition to subject-based domains such as,,,,,, and more. There are many many many opportunities to leverage the TAXES.CA domain and subdomains for online marketing campaigns, products, and services.

A TAXES.CA portal could provide:

  • sale and management of location-based owner-operated tax, accounting, and business services franchises;
  • marketing and delivery of franchise-based tax, accounting, and business services;
  • online retailing of tax and tax-related products and services;
  • Canadian tax information and video content that will drive traffic;
  • premier Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for high search engine ranking on all tax topics;
  • online collaboration for franchisees and industry professionals;
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, such as tax filing services, business management services (accounting, collaboration, document management, CRM, etc.);
  • promotional campaigns boosting TAXES.CA and its Partner products and services;
  • and MORE.

TAXES.CA Domain name is also available for sale, rent, or partnering

Just want the domain name(s) and not the business? The TAXES.CA and IMPOTS.CA domains are available for sale, rent or partnering opportunity. Regarding sale of the domain, serious inquiries only. Do your homework. If you are wondering the value of the (and domain, we see the domain as comparable in value to the sale values of,, and other top CA domains. For sample sale prices of these and other top CA domains, please see: (This is for information purposes only, not an endorsement of that site or its contents.) also has prepared a business plan to develop a network of owner-operated or franchised taxation offices using the main domain and geographic subdomains for regional offices (e.g.,,, etc.) and/or line of business operations (e.g.,,, etc.). These subdomains will rank high on findability through search engines, social media, and viral marketing techniques. If you are an investor or an owner-operator of a Canadian taxation, accounting, or financial services industry firm, or even an online Internet content provider looking for a premier online property in this industry, please contact us for more information at regarding the business plan and development opportunities.

If you are in one of these industries, TAXES.CA (and IMPOTS.CA for the French language market) could be the most valuable piece of virtual real estate to grow your business.

About Us

Welcome to TAXES.CA, your source for Canadian tax information. Canada taxes goods, services, income, property, and more. How can you find information about the different federal, provincial, and municipal taxes? From general information to finding forms to tax software to expert advice on tax and financial planning topics, TAXES.CA provides the answers -- or the sources to finding the answers.

This web site contains information primarily on Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial taxation in addition to relevant financial planning information related to taxation, such as mechanisms to reduce personal taxes through RRSP investments. Articles written by our experts on federal, provincial, and territorial issues also appear in the TAXES.CA Blog and may contain additional information of relevance and interest to Canadians on international tax matters and municipal tax issues.

TAXES.CA is a private sector non-governmental web site. Our web site is an online resource for locating Canadian tax information, resources, and professionals. We are not an advocacy group and we are not government affiliated. We are not associated with nor do we represent the Government of Canada, provincial or territorial governments, or municipal governments, other than providing links to their web sites and information for the benefit of our users. We do not receive government grants but rely on revenues from advertisers and paying members to maintain this service.

The TAXES.CA web site serves to provide three primary features for the benefit of our users:

  • Canadian tax information and links to key taxation and financial planning resources;

  • A Directory of Canadian tax, accounting, and financial services professionals;

  • An online forum (the TAXES.CA web blog) for industry professionals to present and discuss tax and taxation related issues.

The TAXES.CA site is currently provided in English. The TAXES.CA blog may contain postings in either English or French as per the language choice of the contributor. In the future, TAXES.CA hopes to provide additional information and resources in French through our French site, IMPOTS.CA.

TAXES.CA / IMPOTS.CA est actuellement fourni en anglais, excepté le blog qui peut contenir des postings dans anglais ou en fançais selon le choix de langue du contribuant. À l'avenir nous espérons fournir l'information et les ressources additionnelles en français.

Contact Us

Found an error on the site? Need to reach us? You can email at: Please do not send us any personal tax information or questions that should be properly directed to the Canada Revenue Agency.

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