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August 15, 2010

CRA YouTube Contest Winners 2010

The winners of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) "The Underground Economy: Not Your Problem?" video contest on YouTube have been announced.

According to the CRA news release, the award for best English language video was given to David Hall, Steven Shanahan, Trevor Kai, and Shaun Axani from Toronto for their video called It could be you! The award for best French language video was given to Joele Cambon, Louis Blouin, Melany Parker, and Emilie Quevillon from Montreal for their video called Pour des choix éclairés.

"The winning videos deliver strong messages that clearly demonstrate the negative impacts of the underground economy," said Minister Ashfield. "I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in this video contest; the videos help reinforce the CRA's position on the underground economy and remind Canadians of the risks involved for individuals who participate in the underground economy."
The videos show that those who participate in the underground economy are avoiding their tax responsibilities at the expense of all Canadians. Participation in the underground economy places an unfair burden on law-abiding businesses and individuals and reduces the amount of money available for important government programs for priorities such as health care, education and the environment.

A CRA selection committee determined the winners based on video quality, creativity and how effectively the videos showed the impact of the underground economy on society. For more information, see the CRA web site at:

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