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CRA Tax Audits and Reviews

Given that Canada's tax system is based on individual user self-assessment and remittance to the Canada Revenue Agency means that individuals voluntarily complete their own income tax return to report their annual income and claim deductions or credits. Mistakes do happen -- but so does tax fraud.

To address both the unintended errors and the willful intent to file a falsified tax filing, each year the CRA conducts review activities to ensure compliance with the tax laws it administers. According to the CRA, review programs promote taxpayer education by identifying common areas of misunderstanding while in addition, analysis of filing results and feedback from taxpayers are used to improve CRA guides and forms.

Just because the CRA has selected your return for review, this activity does not necessarily represent a tax audit. It could simply be a request for more information to substantiate the information you reported on your return.

For more information about tax review and tax audits, contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

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