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How does it work?

Contact us for details. Decide which prefix you would like to add to the domain name (e.g. or for example) and the associated email address (e.g. or for example). Additional email addresses are available at additional cost. Email us at to see if your chosen address is available and at what cost. Prices will vary based on demand. (For example, city locations like or areas of expertise like will be more expensive than smaller locations. Prices start as low as $20 per month.

What addresses are available?

There are literally thousands to choose from. Whether you live in Camloops or Canmore, Cornerbrook or Calgary, or whether you specialize in personal, GST, or corporate taxes, you can now have an easy to remember TAXES.CA (and/or IMPOTS.CA) address to direct your clients. Click here for a list of regional TAXES.CA subsites available.

Terms and Conditions

Some terms and conditions apply. These will be provided at the time you request your TAXES.CA web address.

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