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Email Spoofing and Phishing Campaigns

Beware email spoofing and phishing campaigns that appear to come from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) via the domain. TAXES.CA is not the Canada Revenue Agency.

Some Canadians have indicated that they are receiving phishing email messages entitled "INTERAC: e-Transfer Reminder : You received money from CRA" that appear to be sent from or similar addresses. These are false emails using email spoofing techniques to make it appear that they come from the domain. (Viewing your complete email header information may reveal the true origin of these messages.) Do not click on any links within those messages. TAXES.CA would never send out these messages. Furthermore, TAXES.CA is not the Canada Revenue Agency.

Each year at tax time, numerous Canadians become targets of tax-related phishing campaigns, appearing to come from Canada's tax agency, the Canada Revenue Agency. Canadians are encouraged to be cyber vigilant with respect to email spoofing and spear phishing campaigns. These messages often look authentic but they are not. How can you recognize them? Aside from the frequent use of poor grammar, misspellings, and an incorrect confusion of private businesses like TAXES.CA with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), be aware that the CRA does not send email messages regarding money transfers via INTERAC e-Transfer. Canadians should use their CRA MyAccount feature when dealing with this federal government organization.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause some users but please recognize TAXES.CA is the victim too. This is a fraudulent use of our domain and our brand. While measures are being taken to try to counter cyber fraud and phishing campaigns, recognize that no one is immune. Vigilance is required on all our parts to counteract cyber criminal elements.

There are a number of websites that will alert you to Internet hoaxes, scams, and phishing campaigns. We encourage you to become familiar with these. Concerning the CRA, additional information is available on the Government of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency websites.

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