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Canada Tax and RRSP Information

The following pages provide relevant information about the Canadian tax system with links to useful resources on government, private sector, and non-profit web sites.

Canadian Tax Basics
An overview of the tax regime in Canada, including:

Tax Books and Videos
Tax planning and preparation books, tax-related videos.

Canadian Tax Forms
Quick links to tax forms on government web sites.

Canadian Tax Software
Software for completing and/or filing your tax returns electronically.

RRSP Information
Information on making tax deductible RRSP contributions in Canada.

TFSA Information
Information on the new Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) that was introduced in the 2008 Canadian Federal Budget.

Regional Sites
Choose from a list of Canadian Federal/Provincial/Territorial governments for more information including access to tax forms, tax guides, tax credits, contact information, GST/HST/PST information, and more.

Tax Deadlines
A summary of important dates for filing income tax returns, instalments payments and GST remittances, RRSP contributions, and more.

Other Tax Sites
Links to web resources related to Canadian and international taxation.

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