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Get Your Own Addresses!

This is a test page

This is a test page to demonstrate subdomains and URL redirection is providing you the opportunity to leverage our great domain name for your marketing efforts. See the full list of regional and subject subdomains available for rent or advertising space.

If you're in the tax business and want to drive more traffic and business to your front door, consider having your own domain name address (like or or or or and/or a TAXES.CA email address (like or We can create the TAXES.CA shortcut Internet address (like to point to your own entry in our directory of professionals, OR to a new page we create on our site, OR have it redirect users directly to your own web site.

For more information register as one of our tax professionals. Instead of telling your clients your information is available at you can simply tell them to go an easier address like or (Note: addresses like are also available.)

Register or email us at for terms and pricing information.

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