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January 25, 2008

Keep your records to support your tax return

The Canada Revenue Agency issued a new release on January 25, 2008 advising Canadians who plan to file their tax returns electronically, (or who do not submit information slips and receipts with their paper-filed return) to keep their tax records in case they are contacted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Once tax returns are filed, the CRA begins work to verify the income reported, as well as the credits and deductions claimed. These reviews are an important way the CRA ensures that Canadians are paying their taxes. Last year, the tax returns of approximately 2.7 million individuals were reviewed and an additional $700 million in taxes was assessed by the CRA.

Some initial reviews of deductions and credits are conducted when returns are filed, and before taxpayers receive their Notice of Assessment. However, the majority of reviews take place later in the year, as the CRA works to verify the information on an individual's tax return and compare it with the information provided by other parties, such as an employer or a spouse or common-law partner.

For more information about on this news release and on reviews of tax returns by CRA, see:

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